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Six Easy Ways to Add a Touch of Europe to Your Morning Routine

December 24th, 2015

How does a French girl look fabulous with little to no makeup? How do Europeans have the energy to walk everywhere? How do they get the most of their day? Maybe it’s all because of their morning routines. Here are six easy ways to have a Eurocana morning!

  1. Warm water and lemon – many French women drink a glass of warm water and lemon in the morning to cleanse the digestive system.
  1. Wake up Early and Workout – According to the EveningStandard, there is a rising trend for morning workouts amongst Londoners. Get your workout in at dawn and ditch the drowsiness for the rest of the day. Plus, feel accomplished!
  1. Get dressed before breakfast – in her book “Lessons from Madame Chic” Jennifer L. Scott describes how “Madame Chic” got dressed before their breakfast routine. Get dressed. Sit down. Enjoy.
  1. Drink out of a bowl – whether it’s tea or a Café au Lait, many Parisian households use coffee bowls instead of mugs at breakfast. The wider and shallower container makes a hot beverage cool faster.
  1. Sour Milk and Caviar – In Sweden breakfast commonly includes Filmjölk (more like buttermilk that tastes like plain yogurt). A tube of Kalles Kaviar (a salty, smoky, sweat, and creamy fish roe in a container that looks like toothpaste) is also a common menu item that the Swedish spread on their breakfast sandwiches.
  1. Skip the sugar. Pass the cucumbers. – In an article on Renegadehealth.com comparing American eating habits vs. French and European eating habits, Frederic Plantenaude writes about his observations of a typical breakfast with a Czech family. The morning meal included bread, cold cuts, smoked salmon, and even raw vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Where’s the sugar? Not in the morning.

Do you have anything to add? Let me know and please share this post, merci!

XO – Audrey



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