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Seven European Food Items you can Buy at Trader Joe’s Right Now

November 16th, 2015

Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your area? Here are seven European food items you can buy at Trader Joe’s right now.

Cheese or, as the French call it, fromage. IMG_0255

A French proverb once said, “un fromage par jour de l’année” – there is a different cheese for every day of the year.

Cheese is not just a staple in the French diet, it’s part of their culture. Rarely is there a meal without the plateau de fromage (cheese plate).

Create your own with these assorted cheeses from France. Prices range anywhere from $3 – $9.

Butter from Brittany, France.

IMG_0262French butter is said to have a tangy and nutty flavor not found in American butter. Its creamy consistency makes it ideal for baking.

The French have been churning butter for hundreds of years in places such as Normandy and Brittany.

Now you don’t have to go there to get it. Price: $2.99

Raspberry TarteIMG_0256

Walk by any pâtisserie in Paris and you will be dazzled by the delicious display of desserts.

This raspberry tarte from France is delectable perfection with its chewy crust and subtly tangy raspberry compote. Price: $5.99

Dijon Mustard

IMG_0261Dijon, a city in eastern France, is famous for Dijon mustard.

In 1858, Jean Naigeon of Dijon ditched the vinegar that the traditional mustard recipe called for and instead used verjuice – an acidic “green” juice from grapes that were not yet ripe.

This whole grain mustard is officially made in Dijon. Price: $1.79

Pasta from ItalyIMG_0260

Macaroni: derivative of the Sicilian term for the vigorous kneading of dough.

That’s because making pasta used to be a long and labor-intensive process.

These pastas from Italy won’t break your back or your wallet. Price 99 cents.

Olive Oil

IMG_0257There are biblical references to olive oil and historically the Greeks and Romans used it for medicinal purposes (skin conditions, wounds, burns, etc.).

In ancient times, the wealthy often used olive oil for cooking, lighting, and for cleaning their bodies.

This olive oil from Italy is great for cooking and for bread dipping. Price $5.99

Balsamic Vinegar from ModenaIMG_0259

Modena is an ancient town (now a city) in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

Modena has produced Balsamic Vinegar since as early as 1046.

Drizzle Balsamic Vinegar on olive oil and eat with bread or atop a fresh caprese salad. Prices: $2.29 and $5.99

Do you know of any European food imports at your local grocery store or have you tried any of these? Let me know!

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