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Petite Fiction: The Egg Roll in Paris

October 30th, 2016

Petite Fiction: The Egg Roll in ParisOutside her apartment window, Paris slipped into its evening sparkle.

Inside, Anna eased the dough from the bowl onto her marble countertop. She tucked and rolled with her fingers and palms and then stretched it out with a rolling pin until it was almost as thin as paper. Using a small knife, she cut the dough into medium-sized square wrappers. Then she lifted each square carefully and layered them on a plate – each one separated by parchment paper.

Next, Anna worked on the filling. Remembering how her mother did it, she chopped up some fresh carrots and mixed them in a large bowl with some raw ground beef. After adding some peas and a sprinkle of raisins along with garlic powder, salt, and pepper, Anna was ready to roll. First, she scrambled a raw egg in a small bowl and set it aside. Next, she gently picked up a square and placed it in front of her – turning it to look like a diamond. Then she precisely placed a large pinch of filling on top of the wrapper and shaped it until it was the size of a cigar. What happened next was choreography: fold over with the bottom corner once, just enough to cover the filling, fold the sides in like an envelope and roll up. Dip a finger in the raw scrambled egg and wipe at the end to seal. It was only when she finally exhaled, that Anna realized that she had held her breath during the entire “rolling process.” The technique was simple but not easy. She recalled what her mother told her:

The wrapper will break if you apply too much pressure.

The filling will fall out if you wrap it too loose.

To roll a perfect egg roll, you must roll with it.

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