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Petite Fiction: Back at the Pâtisserie

April 2nd, 2016

A craving for another éclair au chocolat lead Anna back to the corner pâtisserie on the Cour du Commerce de St-André.

Jacques had asked her to breakfast but Anna declined, wanting this Saturday morning to herself and a tasty pastry.

She walked into the pâtisserie, letting the morning sun in through the open door. It spread its warm light on the chevron patterned wood floors. Then, almost as immediately as the éclairs caught her eye, so did the young woman sitting at a table by the window. Anna recognized her as the young lady who was so helpful the first time she came here.

“Bonjour,” Anna said as she approached. “You may not remember me…”

“Of course,” the blond said. “I’ve met you here before. Back for more éclairs?”

“Yes,” Anna said. She noticed the young lady wore the same Vermilion lipstick and the same white V-neck T-shirt. But today she paired it with an effortless, pleated baby blue just-below-the-knee skirt and some pale pink ballet flats.

“My name is Juliette,” she said. “Please, sit with me.” Juliette then called to the man behind the counter, “Victor, deux éclairs au chocolat s’il vous plait.”

Anna sat at the table. The marble top felt cool to the touch. Also, on the table, she noticed a book on Voltaire, a journal, a Café Noir, and a glass of water.

“I must tell you something,” Juliette said. “You must not get upset with me when I tell you this.”

Just then Victor came with the éclairs. “Merci,” Anna said as she picked one up and took the first bite. Anna settled into her seat with the pastry. “I’m listening,” she said. If anything, she thought, the chocolate filling would keep her happy.

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