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Les Expériences 12.22.15 – New York!

December 22nd, 2015


As part of a weekly installment, L’Eurocana will scour discount sites to inform you of the best offers that enhance the Eurocana experience without blowing up your budget. This week I’m checking out New York’s restaurant scene! Get ready all you New York Eurocanas!

$49 for wine tasting, appetizer, dinner for two, and a bottle of wine| The narrow space with French doors will remind you of quaint bar in Paris. Expect black and white photography and classic Italian fare| 1742 Wine Bar

$27 for $50 worth of French food in a contemporary and comfortable exposed-brick setting| Le Bistro D’à Côté

$30 for $40 worth of food and drink in a classy upscale atmosphere complete with velvet curtains, stained glass, and vaulted ceilings| Enjoy the likes of Lattes and pain au chocolat in the mornings, paninetti in the afternoons, and Belladonnas in the evenings| Knave at Le Parker Méridien

$55 for Russian fare for two with plenty of glitz and glam e.g., chandeliers, candelabras, and plush seating| Onegin

$39 for drinks and appetizers on a Parisian-styled rooftop| Street lamps, tiled floor, and lounge banquettes come together to create a Paris in the 1940s atmosphere| Hotel Chantelle

Do you know of any fabulous Eurocana experiences in your area? Let me know if you want me to hit up your city and please share this post – merci!


XO! – Audrey

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