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Improve Your Mood with Scandinavian Design

January 28th, 2016

A recent post by Lisa Kaplan Gordon on Houselogic.com described how researchers at UCLA linked clutter to depression – especially in women. In a nutshell, females showed high levels of the stress hormone cortisol when surrounded by a messy environment. No wonder I turn into the mean queen when things are out of place in my home. Nope. Can’t have that. This UCLA study on clutter and depression may also explain why I gravitate toward Scandinavian Design. In an article entitled “60 Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas to Add Scandinavian Style to Your Home” Melina Divani writes, “Scandinavian Design is all bout being calm, pure, simple, and functional.”

With that in mind, here are some Scandinavian interior design elements that can help you declutter your home and therefore improve your mood.

Try these interior design tips to improve your mood!

1. The Color White

White walls and even white floors give a space a clean, airy, and peaceful feeling that can help calm the mind. Avoid the sterile hospital look by adding a few pops of color, even other neutrals such as grey or beige and pastels of blue and green, when it comes to furniture, wall art, and accessories.

2. Streamlined Furniture

Think Ikea. Furniture with basic shapes and natural light-colored woods not only help anchor a room, but also bring a sense of structure and organization to a space.


3. Less is More

Don’t overload desktops and coffee tables. If you keep tabletop accessories to no more than three well-thought-out items such as books, coasters, or something you’ve collected during your travels, then you’ll avoid the clutter. If you have more than one book, stack them according to size with the largest at the bottom.

4. Hide the Mess

Wires, papers, mail, remote controls, etc. Put these items in cabinets, drawers, baskets, or simple decorative boxes and tuck them away from well-traveled areas.

5. Open Shelving

When using this design element, one must be diligent with what is placed upon open shelving. Avoid the messy cluttered look by using items of a similar color and arranging them in neat rows or stacks.

6. Something Green

Usually in the form of a succulent, other potted plants, or even a cooking herb such as basil, well-placed greenery brings nature indoors. Plus, plants produce oxygen, which is good for the brain.

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