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Four Elements of Parisian Interior Design

March 22nd, 2016

My love of all things Paris has my “Eurocana Décor” Pinterest board filled with all kinds of hopes and dreams for my space. Here are four design elements that I’ve noticed as “must-haves” to capture that French chic look in your apartment or home.

1. White Walls

Many of the interiors I’ve seen have white walls – perfect for making a small Paris apartment feel more spacious and for keeping things bright and airy in the city.

Small Paris apt

2. Crown Molding and Paneling

Add texture and detail to your white walls with crown molding and paneling. The secret of French decorating is to know where to add detail and to know when less is more. Notice how most of these spaces have detailed crown molding and/or paneling while furniture and wall art are kept to a minimum.

Modern French Kitchen

3. Chevron Wood Floors

The chevron pattern adds another unique aspect to French spaces as well as an element of class.

Modern French Apt

4. Marble

Europeans have used timeless materials such as marble on floors and countertops for centuries. It still looks beautiful today, even in spaces with a modern twist.


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