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Earn Airline Mileage with Hotel Loyalty

December 2nd, 2015

There are many places in America that are reminiscent of Europe, but, of course, there’s nothing better than the real deal. So a Eurocana’s budget should ideally include saving for a trip abroad. Here are a few ways to save money and earn miles toward plane tickets – if not completely cover the cost.

Many hotels offer loyalty rewards. These rewards range from free Wi-Fi and breakfast to room upgrades or discounted or free stays – depending on how many points are earned.

The Sofitel’s “Le Club” membership, for example, offers a 40 Euro discount for every 2,000 points collected. Points are earned by the amount of money spent on the rate of the hotel stay. It’s often free and easy to sign up.

Some hotel memberships even offer points towards airline miles. Here are two major hotels that offer points towards miles. Even better, these hotels have locations all over the world and have many affiliates so you don’t have to necessarily stay at the hotel you signed up with to earn points. Check their websites for affiliates.

Hilton Honors Rewards

This program rewards you with 10 points for every 1 dollar spent on Hilton Hotel and affiliate rates plus 1 airline mile to every 1 dollar spent on those same rates.

This means that if you book a room at $400 for the night, you will earn 4,000 points that you can use toward future hotel stays. In addition, you will earn 400 miles toward an airline ticket.

How to do it:

Sign up for free via hhonors.com or call 1.800.548.8690

When you sign up, make sure to change your preferences to earn points and miles. You must manually sign on to your account and click the appropriate button to do this or call and speak to a representative to do this for you. You can even select your preferred airline. This is the airline your miles will be applied toward. You must have an airline frequent flyer number to do this. Choose an airline you often use or one that flies to your planned vacation destinations.

Marriott Rewards

This program rewards you with 5 to 10 points per a dollar spent on hotel rates depending on whether you are staying at a Marriott or one of its affiliates.

However, unlike Hilton Honors Rewards that offers a combination of points and miles, you must choose with Marriott whether you would like to be rewarded with points or miles.

The upside is that the Marriott also gives you miles on food and incidentals during your stay and that can add up pretty quickly.

If you choose miles, it works like this. For example, you book 2 nights at the Marriott for $350. You also spend $50 during your stay on food and incidentals – for a total of $400. You will earn 2 miles on that total of $400. That’s 800 miles earned toward a plane ticket.

How to do it:

Sign up for free via Marriott.com or call 1.801.468.4000

If you want to earn miles: a pop-up window will appear when you sign up online. Click the appropriate button for miles. Or call to speak to a representative to make the request. You can also choose the airline you want the miles to be applied toward. You must have an airline frequent flyer number to do this. Select your preferred airline on the hotel website or tell your customer representative.



Check the hotel websites to see promotions on how to earn up to quadruple points. For example, Hilton is currently offering double points for stays Mondays-Thursdays and 30 points per dollar on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through January 1, 2016.

Before you book on discount sites such as Expedia, Kayak, or Travelzoo, check with the hotel to see if the booking will apply toward your points or miles. Some hotels require direct bookings to benefit from their loyalty programs.

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