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French Flair mixed with New York and La Style: Featuring Baiyina Hughley
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Decorating with French Flair

March 15th, 2016

There are things about me that are down-home country. That makes sense being that I was born and raised in Virginia. So yes, I love fried chicken and gravy and a comfortable pair of jeans. Don’t even mess with my Mason jars.

My interior design style? That’s where my city girl starts to show. As y’all (see, my vocabulary is very southern as well) know, I love Paris and all its charm. I have also traveled to New York frequently and adore that East Coast high-class sophistication. And now that I have lived in Southern California more than 10 years, there’s that je ne sais quoi about the laid-back chic of Los Angeles.

So how do you fuse that Parisian panache with New York luxury or LA cool? Here are two designers who, in my humble opinion, do it perfectly.

Ooh-LA-LA Los Angeles

Take a look at what LA- based designer Baiyina Hughley did with this 1930s Los Angeles apartment.


The lady-like lines of the plush seating mixed with the geometric patterns and shapes of the accessories (notice how the throw pillow matches the legs of the coffee table), all anchored by a casual rug pulls both French flair and California casual effortlessly together. Hughley also uses both vintage pieces and items from Ikea.

New York Parisian Glam

Toronto-based interior designer Trish Johnston knew there was only one thing to do when her clients wanted to combine New York and Paris into their condo. Pure luxury, baby!

Screen shot 2016-03-15 at 4.54.21 PM

From the marble entryway and fireplace to the fur throws and Jonathan Adler dining table and chairs (Johnston described the framing to resemble “the nicest pair of women’s heels ever” – now if that isn’t French!), this place doesn’t hold back from all things fine – just like the cities that inspired it.


Have any suggestions to bring that pop of Parisian into your home? Let me know!

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