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Budget-Friendly Wall Art from Ikea that will Bring Europe into Your Home

Bring Europe Into Your Home With Budget-Friendly Wall Art

February 11th, 2016

Here are four pieces of wall art I found during my recent trip to Ikea that are sure to bring Europe into your home.


It’s hard to believe that this large photo on canvas by Irene Suchocki entitled “Flying over Paris” is under $50. I love the angle of looking up past the buildings and to the sky accented with hot air balloons.


This graphic print of London’s double-decker buses will add a pop of color and a “British accent” (get it? Lol) to the decor of any room. $3


I can see these menus in the kitchen or even the dining room. Hang these on the wall and pretend you’re at an Italian Café or Gelateria. Set of two, $14.99


Paris. New York. London. This has to be the trifecta of Eurocana wall art. I love the cool graphics of famous attractions and the feminine yet edgy font. Find basic frames and hang all three together as part of a wall collage or one in each bedroom and match the interior design to the city of choice. If you’ve traveled to all three cities, then there is no excuse not to take these home. Set of three, $9


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