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Bonjour from L’Eurocana

November 15th, 2015

Paris changes you. Once you have been, it becomes a part of you. You can’t just take it off, like a hat or a scarf. Paris is with you forever and even after you leave, you’ll search for it wherever you go because there will be days when you wish you were there rather than here.

It is with those feelings that L’Eurocana (the search for Europe in America) was crafted. It’s a call out to all those who have traveled or wish to travel to a place (not just Paris) that lives and breathes a little more than the fast-paced routine of what most of us are used to. More so, it is a curation of undying experiences rather than ephemeral things. In other words, it’s about saving up memories without spending a lot of money.

L’Eurocana is a place that you can escape to without ever leaving.

L’Eurocana Editor-In-Chief

Audrey Michelle

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