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A One Night European Fix in Las Vegas

February 18th, 2016

I’m sure y’all would agree that nothing, I repeat, nothing compares to the real deal when it comes to traveling to Europe. But when you don’t want to spend the money and are desperate for a European getaway, Las Vegas (no matter how cheesy) just might be the cure.

Recently, on a whim and with some travel points to spare, my husband and I decided to breeze into Vegas for a night. I asked my husband to book the cheapest hotel he could find. I figured, we would probably hang out on the strip most of the night anyway. He booked a room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. It was one of the cheapest rates he found on Kayak (for a hotel that met his standards) – only $75. I’m sure there were probably lower rates at other hotels but being that my husband has, for years, worked as a sound engineer for various big-name artists, I can’t blame him for choosing the Hard Rock. Especially, when staying at the hotel is basically like staying at a music museum, e.g, signed guitars and original sheet music on display on the main floor.

We rolled into Vegas around 5 p.m. but didn’t check into our hotel until 2 a.m. Most of that time between 5 p.m. and 2 a.m., by the way, was spent at a hotel lounge listening to free entertainment and watching a wide variety of people shake it up on the dance floor. I finally called it a night when I saw my future 80-year-old self dancing around in what looked like an old prom dress.

Anyways, we have no idea how this happened, but the room with a king bed that my husband booked, somehow got upgraded to a full-on 900-square-foot suite with a pool table, bar area, and a guest bathroom (yes, a guest bathroom. The master bathroom was covered from floor to ceiling in Calcutta marble). I can’t believe we got this room for only $75 (well actually free because we used our travel points to cover the cost). Do you think it’s because we checked in so late? It was definitely rock-star status and so Eurocana!

Las Vegas Hard Rock Pool Pic 2

Hard Rock Pool Balls Pic

Las Vegas Hard Rock Lamp ic

Las Vegas Hard Rock Fur Pic

The next day we walked around The Venetian and the Paris Las Vegas Hotel to get our quick fix of Europe – all the while wishing we were back in Italy or Paris wandering through cobblestone streets, making those cities our own.

Paris Las Vegas Pic

Paris Las Vegas Shoes

Venetian Shadow Pic

Venetian Gandola Pic

Las Vegas Record Player Pic

Las Vegas Venetial columns

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