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The cubicle felt cold. Even her teacup and the ...
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Petite Fiction: Breaking Free

January 9th, 2016

The cubicle felt cold. Even her teacup and the small vase of pink miniature roses didn’t improve the ambiance. Grey is a pleasant and warm color in Parisian flats. Grey is an atrocious color in cubicle-cluttered offices. Anna filed another manila folder. She answered another phone call. Got yelled at by another unhappy customer. Catalogues are deceiving. You can buy the dress but not the body modeling it. Better to order other things. Anna flipped through the pages. With her company discount, the large black suitcase could be hers for only $15 dollars.

She woke up with anxiety aching her heart. Then Anna saw les chats soundly asleep by her feet. She settled once again upon her pillow – the grey walls of her apartment lulling her back to sleep.

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